M David Lyons Architecture

Can make your dream home a reality

Before and After, Mr. Lyons' Design Shelton's residence
If you look at this house before Mr. Lyons redesigned it, you will be surprised how his design helps to improve its value.   Here are a few samples.

This is Shelton's residence.  These two images are of the house before of Mr. Lyons' redesign.  It looked like an old fashion house.  It did not look like a residential building.

Mr. Shelton's requirement was to update his home to meet current technology and to create a floor plan to accommodate his needs while giving the home a more up to date traditional look.
Mr. Lyons worked very closely with Mr. Shelton and his contractor to achieve all his objectives which have raised the value of his home considerably.  Through working together, they have developed a lasting friendship.  
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